Village Residents Notice a Strange Tasting Water, What They Discover Will Make You Sick (5 Images)

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1. A Grisly Sight

Village Residents Notice Strange Tasting Water, What They Discover will you sick: This was very awful situation of Wulong River. This water was not like drinking, when the residents of a village in Jinli China made a stomach turning discovery after they noticed that their drinking water started to have a strange flavour. Local officials have taken notice from the complainant of the village residents. They uncovered the most horrific reason for the foul taste. Sanitation workers arrived to clear up the horrific scene of rotting animal corpses was in the south eastern province in China. They discovered the number of dead animals including pigs, geese, and sheep. The local water source for residents of Jinli, China is the Wulong River, which has recently come under intense scrutiny after disturbing discoveries were uncovered within its waters.

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