Tragically Awkward Wedding Photos (32 Images)

A marriage is a dream for most girls and they want to have the perfect settings including a beautiful dress, shiny glowing skin, lavish interiors and decorations, the best food, a gorgeous venue and everything else laid out in the best way on their wedding day. Every girl wants to have memorable memories of her wedding to the man she loves. Thus, elaborate plans are made to make the wedding a success. The photos that are clicked on the wedding are an important memory that a woman cherishes forever in her life. However, sometimes it so happens that some photos turn out to be quite awkward and embarrassing. Some of the tragically awkward wedding photos are given below.

So awkward it is to see a bride like this in a bikini like a costume. Seeming that rather than going to enter a wedlock she is about to enter a swimming pool. Usually, brides behave to be shy but here the condition is totally different. May be she wanted to get a budget dress with less material.

  • Tragically Awkward Wedding Photos (32 Images)

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