You Will Not Believe What WalMart Cameras Captured (7 Images)

You will not believe the people that visits Walmart. All sorts of people from all walks of life. Weird, funny, unique, almost everyone walks into Walmart. And here, we spot a couple of wild animals in their not so natural habitat. Spotted wearing the exact same outfit with a leopard like print. We wonder what […]

The most excellent Inventions of 2015 (7 Images)

#1 TRANSPARENT CANOE This transparent canoe has been made with a seat of one person and its sturdy hull is made out of the exact same tough material. This canoe will consent to the adventurous explorers and researchers comparable to get a better perspective of what really is under the sea. We also have one seat […]

Village Residents Notice a Strange Tasting Water, What They Discover Will Make You Sick (5 Images)

1. A Grisly Sight Village Residents Notice Strange Tasting Water, What They Discover will you sick: This was very awful situation of Wulong River. This water was not like drinking, when the residents of a village in Jinli China made a stomach turning discovery after they noticed that their drinking water started to have a strange […]

Wow. A Family Discovered Hidden Under The Time Capsule “Absolutely Shocking” (7 Images)

#7 Time Capsule of 200 years old The owners of this farmhouse were surprised to find this small seal which turned out to be a time capsule. At around 1795, there was buried a time capsule under the farmhouse cornerstone, and now after more than 200 years its contents have been revealed. The official from […]

Ultrasounds Show How Unborn Babies React When Their Mothers Smoke (7 Images)

4-D ULTRASOUNDS SHOW AFFECTS OF SMOKING ON UNBORN BABIES The new study appears to shed more light on the harmful effects of the smoking when pregnant women using 4D ultrasound scans to become aware of the tiny movements made by foetus in the womb. By monitoring the growing babies, scientists believe that they can flag […]

She Was Set On Fire. 2 Years Later She Removes Her Mask And Shows Her Face. What A Strong Woman! (7 Images)

THIS IS DANA ON LEFT SIDE On the left is Dana, a woman who dealt with an obsessive mad woman tracking her moves when he became angered after observing her talking to an ex at a New Year’s party, his obsession turned to rage and she could not believe that, dealing with so much at […]

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