Catwalk Fails: From High Fashion Straight to the Floor (7 Images)

The Long Tumble At first momentary look you’d think she was just trying how to roller skate. It was very amazing that point to see this poor girl having problem walking as she was going down. By hook or by crook she was able to keep going for a few steps, but alas! Finally ends […]

This Dog Saved His Owner From A Violent Meltdown – And This Is Why (5 Images)

Danielle Jacobs was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2013. Just like any others who have it, Danielle Jacobs struggle with it, and one of the main struggle is her habit to self-harm. The 24 year old girl from Tempe, Arizona adopted a Rottweiler named Samson, and trained her to help her from harming herself if […]