This Baby Was Very Unlikely To Survive. But The Parents Never Lost Hope! (5 Images)

It’s surprising to see a new born baby like Jason to be born with so unusual and unexpected type of disability. In almost all the cases, the baby is expected to born fit and healthy if the parents do not have any physical disability but this incident has turned all the odds wrong. This little […]

This Guy Takes Cute Pics With His Girlfriend… You’ll Never Guess Who She Really Is! (8 Images)

Everyone tries to be the perfect man to his wife or girlfriend. Mostly, all the boys put their effort to present themselves as the only and greatest lover to their girlfriend. But this Japanese guy is all set, mentally and physically to impress his girlfriend and show the world a new way of expressing love. […]

You Won’t Believe What Public Transport Cameras Captured (9 Images)

Public transport is the most widely used transportation all over the world. The basic reasons are of course the cheap travelling rates and it is welcomed for all of us. Some people use it very wisely whereas some people tend to be misusing it. Sometimes we even see some of the wicked activities done by […]

Catwalk Fails: From High Fashion Straight to the Floor (7 Images)

The Long Tumble At first momentary look you’d think she was just trying how to roller skate. It was very amazing that point to see this poor girl having problem walking as she was going down. By hook or by crook she was able to keep going for a few steps, but alas! Finally ends […]

SHOCKING! Baby Rescued From Sewer Pipes After Being FLUSHED Down The Toilet By Mother (8 Images)

An unwanted new born baby boy was flushed down in the toilet by his mother, and in a miraculous turn of events, the baby was rescued as the mother looked on in secret while the rescuers free the poor baby from the sewer pipes. Apparently, the mother who did it, weirdly, raised the initial alarm. […]

These Are The World’s Last Women From The 1800s – And Their Secrets to Longevity! (5 Images)

Jaralean Talley – Born on the 23rd of May 1899 Jaralean Talley was born on the 23rd of May, and just recently passed away on the 17th of June 2015. She was at age 116 years and 25 days old when she passed away. She was verified as the world’s oldest living person. According to […]

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